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Elevate Your Venice Home with Stunning Hardwood Flooring

Experience the warmth, beauty, and timeless elegance of hardwood flooring in your Venice home. We offer expert installation and a curated selection of high-quality wood species, perfectly suited for our coastal environment.

Discover the Perfect Hardwood Floor for Your Venice Home

Living by the beach in Venice offers undeniable charm, but it also presents unique challenges for hardwood flooring. Salt air, high humidity, and occasional sand can impact stability and aesthetics. Here at EKO FLOORING, we understand these concerns and carefully curate a selection of hardwood species and finishes specifically suited for our coastal environment. We favor naturally moisture-resistant woods like engineered walnut, teak, and Brazilian cherry, known for their dimensional stability.


We also recommend pre-finished options with durable, moisture-repellent coatings, further protecting against everyday wear and tear. During installation, we utilize advanced moisture barriers and underlayments to minimize moisture concerns and ensure long-lasting beauty. Choosing the right hardwood for your Venice home shouldn't be a compromise – let us guide you towards stunning, worry-free floors that perfectly complement your coastal lifestyle.

Expert Installation You Can Trust

At EKO FLOORING, we believe that expert installation is just as crucial as choosing the perfect hardwood. Our team of skilled craftsmen boasts years of experience specifically in Venice installations, understanding the nuances of working with wood in a coastal environment. We prioritize attention to detail and utilize only the highest-quality materials and tools. Our process begins with a thorough subfloor inspection and preparation, ensuring a level and moisture-proof foundation. We then employ precision cutting techniques and meticulously secure each plank, minimizing gaps and ensuring a smooth, seamless finish.


Additionally, for Venice installations, we incorporate specialized moisture barriers and underlayments specifically designed to combat our unique humidity levels. Throughout the process, we maintain open communication, keeping you informed and involved every step of the way. To see our dedication to craftsmanship in action, explore our gallery showcasing the skill and stunning results of our installations. With us, you can rest assured your hardwood floor will be crafted with expertise, built to last, and designed to elevate your coastal haven.

Beyond expert installation, EKO FLOORING is your one-stop shop for all things hardwood flooring in Venice. We offer comprehensive services to ensure your floors remain beautiful and functional for years to come. Need to breathe new life into tired floors? Our skilled team provides professional refinishing services, restoring the luster and warmth of your hardwood. Worried about everyday wear and tear? We offer routine maintenance plans to keep your floors looking their best and prevent future issues. Faced with unexpected damage? Our repair specialists can address scratches, cracks, or loose planks, ensuring your floors remain seamless and beautiful.


Contact us today for a free consultation! We'll answer your questions, assess your individual concerns, and recommend the perfect solution to enhance your home's beauty and value.

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