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Hardwood Stairs Installation Service

In our showroom, we specialize in custom hardwood stair solutions, including treads, and risers, each crafted to exemplify timeless beauty and sophisticated elegance. Our collection is a celebration of nature's artistry, merged with expert craftsmanship, designed to bring a distinguished and warm feel to your stairway.

Our range includes a variety of wood species, each selected for its durability, unique grain, and character, perfect for creating custom stair treads and components. From the deep, resonant beauty of walnut to the light, serene appearance of oak, our selection caters to a wide array of design preferences and personal tastes.

The commitment we uphold with our hardwood stairs is focused on exceptional quality and enduring satisfaction. The lasting charm of our staircases comes from their ability to integrate seamlessly with your home's individual style, creating an inviting and cohesive space.

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Hardwood Stairs and Installation in Culver City


Elevate the grandeur of your home with the timeless sophistication of hardwood stairs. As a focal point of architectural detail, these essential elements do more than connect levels; they define the character of your space.

The Elegance of Hardwood Stairs

Aesthetic Appeal

Hardwood stairs are not merely a functional necessity; they are a statement of style. The right wood species, color, and finish can transform the staircase into an elegant centerpiece, inviting you and your guests to experience the warmth and charm of your home's interior with every step.

Timeless Beauty

Invest in a look that transcends the fleeting trends of interior design. Hardwood stairs offer a durable, classic appeal that endures as styles evolve. From the luster of freshly polished oak to the deep hues of stained walnut, hardwood imbues your stairs with a natural, luxurious beauty that can enhance the market value of your home. With every rise and tread expertly crafted, your stairs will not only last for generations but will age gracefully, becoming more cherished as the years pass.

Why Choose Hardwood for Your Stairs

Transforming your home with hardwood stairs is more than an upgrade—it's an investment in elegance, strength, and tradition. We understand that stairs are not just a functional aspect of your home but a central design feature that speaks volumes about your style. Here's why hardwood remains the premier choice for discerning homeowners:

Durability That Endures

  • Resistant to Wear: Hardwood stairs are crafted to withstand the rigors of daily foot traffic, resisting scuffs and scratches that can mar less durable materials.

  • Strength Over Time: Unlike other materials that might creak or weaken, hardwood maintains structural integrity, ensuring your staircase remains sturdy and secure for decades.

  • Refinishable Surface: One of the unique benefits of hardwood is its ability to be sanded and refinished, allowing you to erase years of use and refresh your stairs as if they were newly installed.

A Spectrum of Customization Options

  • Diverse Wood Species: From the rich hues of walnut to the bright, airy feel of maple, choose from a wide array of wood types to match your aesthetic and performance needs.

  • Stains and Finishes: Whether you prefer a natural look or a statement color, our range of stains and finishes can enhance the wood’s natural grain or give it a completely new character.

  • Unique Design Possibilities: With hardwood, the customization doesn’t end with color. Add distinctive design features such as inlays or borders to create stairs that are truly your own.

The EKO FLOORING Difference

When you choose us for your hardwood stair project, you're not just selecting a material; you're choosing a partner dedicated to bringing your vision to life. We take pride in offering:

  • Expert Consultation: We will work with you to select the perfect wood species and finish to complement your home’s existing decor.

  • Precision Installation: We ensure each step is preciously measured, cut, and installed for a flawless finish.

  • Ongoing Support: From initial design to post-installation care, we're here to offer guidance on maintaining the beauty and functionality of your hardwood stairs.

Choosing hardwood for your stairs is choosing a legacy of elegance that will be appreciated for generations. Allow us to help you take the first step towards creating a focal point in your home that combines beauty with practicality, traditional craftsmanship with contemporary style.

Design and Customization

When it comes to elevating the interior of your home, the design of your staircase is a central feature that shouldn’t be overlooked. We believe that every staircase is a canvas awaiting your personal touch. Here’s how we can tailor your hardwood stairs to become a testament to your unique taste:

Harmonious Integration with Flooring

  • Seamless Transition: Our experts excel in selecting and crafting stair materials that flawlessly match your existing hardwood flooring. We ensure that the transition from floor to stair is not just smooth to the tread but also pleasing to the eye.

  • Cohesive Material Palette: Whether your floors are oak, cherry, or an exotic hardwood, we have the expertise to source and finish your stairs in a manner that accentuates the natural beauty of your floors, creating a unified aesthetic throughout your home.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Our dedication to design and customization is matched only by our commitment to delivering excellence in every project:

  • Consultative Approach: We collaborate with you, discussing each aspect of your vision for your stairs, from the grand concept down to the finest detail.

  • Technical Precision: Our design team is supported by skilled craftsmen who bring a mix of precision and artistic flair to their work, ensuring the end result is as sturdy as it is stunning.

  • End-to-End Service: From the design phase through to the final installation, we provide comprehensive services that include detailed estimates, material samples, and expert advice.

Designing your hardwood stairs should be an exciting journey that reflects your personal style and enhances your home’s charm.

Our Hardwood Stairs Installation Process

Crafting a set of hardwood stairs is a journey that combines precision engineering with aesthetic finesse. Our process is designed to ensure that each step of your new staircase not only looks exquisite but also stands the test of time.

Personalized Consultation: Laying the Groundwork

  • Understanding Your Vision: Our first step is to understand your needs, preferences, and the unique character of your home. During the consultation, we explore a range of wood species, designs, and finishes to find the perfect match for your interior space.

  • Expert Guidance: We provide professional insights on the durability, maintenance, and aesthetic qualities of various hardwoods, helping you make an informed choice that aligns with your lifestyle and décor.

Precision Measuring and Crafting: The Blueprint of Excellence

  • Tailored to Your Home: Each staircase is unique. Our experts take precise measurements to ensure that every component fits flawlessly, accounting for even the slightest nuances in your home’s architecture.

  • Artisanal Crafting: With the measurements in hand, we craft each step and stair part with a craftsman’s touch, ensuring the grain of the wood flows seamlessly and the integrity of the material is preserved.

Skilled Installation: Where Design Meets Function

  • Seamless Integration: Our installers take over to remove your old stair materials with minimal disruption to your home. They then install the new hardwood treads and risers, ensuring each piece is aligned and secured with exacting standards.

  • Sturdy and Squeak-Free: We don’t just aim for beauty; we ensure stability. Our installation process is designed to eliminate common issues like squeaky stairs, giving you a solid foundation that feels as good as it looks.

Finishing Touches: The Art of Perfection

  • Sanding and Staining: Once installed, we sand the wood to a smooth finish, preparing it for staining. We then apply your chosen stain, enhancing the natural grain of the wood and providing the desired color depth.

  • Sealing for Endurance: The final step involves sealing the stairs with a protective layer that guards against scratches and wear, ensuring your stairs remain a centerpiece in your home for years to come.

From the first consultation to the final sealant, our installation process is designed to deliver a seamless experience and superior results.

Maintenance and Care

Your hardwood stairs are more than just a pathway between floors; they're an investment in the beauty and value of your home. Proper care ensures they remain a proud feature for years, if not generations. Here's how you can maintain the elegance of your hardwood stairs.

Long-Term Care: Steps to Sustain Beauty

  • Regular Cleaning: Dust and clean the stairs regularly to prevent grit and dirt from scratching the wood. Use a soft-bristled broom or a vacuum with a soft attachment designed for hardwood floors.

  • Immediate Spill Response: Attend to spills immediately to prevent watermarks or damage. A soft, slightly damp cloth can be used for sticky spills, followed by a dry cloth to remove any residual moisture.

  • Appropriate Products: Utilize cleaning and polishing products specifically formulated for hardwood. Avoid oil-based cleaners or waxes that can create a slippery surface or dull the finish over time.

  • Protective Pads: Consider placing protective pads under furniture legs or decor that rests on the stair landings to prevent scratches.

  • Sunlight Protection: Use window treatments or UV protective film to shield your hardwood stairs from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, which can cause fading and aging.

Refinishing Services: Restoring Timeless Elegance

  • Assessment and Consultation: Our refinishing services begin with a thorough assessment of your stairs' condition. We'll consult with you about the desired outcome, be it reviving the original hue or updating the color to match recent renovations.

  • Sanding to Perfection: We sand down the existing finish, revealing the bare wood beneath. This step also smooths out any imperfections, scratches, or dents that have accumulated over time.

  • Custom Stain Application: Choose from a spectrum of stains to find the one that breathes new life into your staircase. Whether you’re looking for a light refresh or a dramatic change, we have the shades to suit your vision.

  • Durable Top Coats: After staining, we apply multiple layers of topcoat for a finish that not only looks pristine but also offers enhanced protection against the wear and tear of daily use.

  • Maintenance Advice: Post-service, we provide personalized advice on how to maintain your newly refinished stairs, ensuring the longevity of the new finish.

Maintaining hardwood stairs is straightforward with the right care regimen and occasional professional refinishing. We're committed not just to installing your stairs, but helping you keep them as a testament to enduring elegance and craftsmanship.

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