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Vinyl flooring has become a standout feature in our showroom, known for its versatility and modern appeal. It's more than just a flooring option; it's a fusion of practicality and creative design. Our selection of vinyl planks represents the latest in flooring trends, combining long-lasting durability with aesthetic appeal to suit all tastes and lifestyles.

Our vinyl flooring is designed to keep up with the pace of everyday life, remaining stylish and sturdy amidst changing trends and constant use. Our range includes options that are water-resistant, scratch-resistant, and tough enough to withstand the test of time.

Our showroom is a haven of contemporary design, where vinyl flooring is celebrated for its transformative qualities. Here, we blend cutting-edge innovation with classic style, offering floors that are easy to install, simple to maintain, and a joy to look at. Choosing our vinyl flooring means embracing a lifestyle of easy elegance, lasting comfort, and unwavering quality, enhancing every step in your home.

Vinyl Flooring in Culver City
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Vinyl Flooring

What is Luxury Vinyl Flooring?


The Basics of LVF

Imagine a flooring solution that combines the timeless elegance of hardwood with the cutting-edge advancements in flooring technology—that's what Luxury Vinyl Flooring (LVF) offers. Ideal for both modern and traditional interiors, LVF is a multi-layered flooring product that stands as a testament to versatility and durability.

At its core, LVF is composed of several distinct layers, each contributing to its remarkable features:

  • The Wear Layer: This is the transparent top coating that protects against scratches, stains, and fading. It’s your flooring’s shield against the daily wear and tear of life.

  • Luxury Vinyl Top Layer: Beneath the wear layer lies the high-definition photographic layer, which boasts realistic textures and patterns mimicking various wood species or stone finishes.

  • The Sturdy Backing: This foundational layer gives LVF its strength and stability, ensuring it stands up to high foot traffic and provides a comfortable walking experience.

The Advantages of LVF

LVF brings forth an array of benefits that make it a smart choice for homeowners and businesses alike:

  • Durability: Engineered to resist scratches, dents, and moisture, our LVF options are built to last. They can stand up to the demands of busy households and high-traffic commercial spaces.

  • Ease of Installation: With options like click-lock, glue-down, and loose lay, LVF can be quickly and efficiently installed over existing flooring, saving time and reducing labor costs.

  • Comfort and Sound Dampening: LVF provides a softer, warmer underfoot experience compared to traditional tile or stone. Additionally, it helps to reduce noise, a feature especially appreciated in multi-level homes and apartments in Culver City.


In the ever-evolving world of flooring, LVF stands out as a prime choice for those who do not want to compromise on beauty for the sake of functionality. We offer a rich selection of LVF that will suit any design preference and exceed performance expectations.

Our Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Culver City

Wide Range of Styles

We understand that your flooring choice is the foundation of your home’s aesthetic. Our extensive selection of luxury vinyl flooring encompasses a vast palette of patterns and designs, offering you the freedom to create your desired ambiance.


Whether you're captivated by the rustic charm of hand-scraped oak or the sleek sophistication of polished marble, our LVF options have you covered.

  • Wood Imitations: Enjoy the warmth and allure of hardwood with LVF that impeccably mirrors oak, maple, cherry, and beyond. Each plank tells a story, rich with grained detail and color variation.

  • Stone Inspirations: Create an earthy, grounded feel with patterns that emulate limestone, slate, and travertine. The stone-look LVF brings the beauty of the outdoors inside, without the cold touch of actual stone.

  • Unique Finishes and Textures: From the glossy finish of a modern kitchen to the matte sophistication suitable for a chic living room, our selection includes finishes that cater to any taste. Textured options add a tactile dimension that enhances the realistic appearance of our LVF.

Transform your space with flooring that not only reflects your style but also stands up to the ebbs and flows of Culver City living.

High-Quality Brands

We partner with industry-leading brands to bring you luxury vinyl flooring that promises performance and style. Our curated selection includes:

  • Trusted Manufacturers: We stock luxury vinyl flooring from brands that are synonymous with excellence. These partnerships ensure access to the latest flooring technology and design trends.

  • Diverse Product Lines: Whether it’s a brand celebrated for its environmental stewardship or one that leads with innovative design, our range includes a spectrum of LVF options to meet every need and budget.

  • Commitment to Value: We ensure not only quality but also value for your investment.


In our showroom, you will discover floors that resonate with the spirit of Culver City — diverse, stylish, and enduring. Our team is dedicated to guiding you through our collection, ensuring you leave with a vinyl flooring solution that delights you for years to come.

Vinyl Flooring Installation in Culver City

Professional Installation Services

When it comes to vinyl flooring installation, precision is key — and that’s exactly what we provide. Our team of installers is adept at laying down LVF with care, ensuring every plank is perfectly placed. Our services include:

  • Efficient Installation: We respect your time and space, offering swift yet thorough installation services that minimize disruption to your daily life.

  • Enhanced Longevity: The correct installation is vital for your floor's longevity. We follow the best practices that not only make your floors look great but also ensure they last longer, resisting wear and tear through the years.

  • Tailored Approach: Every space is unique, and so are your needs. Our specialists evaluate your space to determine the most suitable installation method, be it click-lock, glue-down, or loose lay, for your luxury vinyl flooring.

Let us handle the details, from moving furniture to fitting complex corners, ensuring a flawless finish for your floors in Culver City and beyond.

Simple Maintenance for Busy Lifestyles

Luxury vinyl flooring is a champion of convenience, particularly well-suited for the hustle and bustle of modern living in Culver City. With minimal upkeep required, LVF remains a favorite for those who desire style without the high maintenance. Here’s how to keep your floors looking their best with ease:

  • Straightforward Cleaning: LVF can be kept pristine with simple sweeping and occasional mopping, using just gentle cleaning solutions.

  • Resistance to Life’s Spills: Life happens, but your LVF is ready for it. With its water-resistant properties, spills and stains can be wiped away without leaving a trace.


Our goal is to ensure that maintaining your new floors is as effortless and straightforward as their installation. With our professional guidance and support, your LVF will continue to be a testament to timeless elegance and practicality in your home.

Our Commitment to Quality and Service

We understand that selecting the right flooring is a significant decision for any homeowner in Culver City. That’s why we're dedicated to providing not just floors, but foundations for your cherished spaces. Here's our promise to you:

  • Unwavering Quality: Every product on our shelves meets our high standards. Your satisfaction is our benchmark, and we stock only the best luxury vinyl flooring that stands the test of time and trend.

  • Customer-Centric Policies: Your peace of mind is paramount. We stand behind our products with customer-friendly policies, including satisfaction guarantees ensuring that your investment is secure and valued.

Competitive Pricing

In Culver City’s dynamic market, getting the best value for your investment is crucial. we offer:

  • Market-Competitive Rates: We provide luxury without the extravagant price tag. Our pricing strategy is competitive, ensuring that you get top-quality LVF without compromising on cost-efficiency.

  • Transparent Quotations: There are no surprises. We provide clear, upfront quotations that reflect the true cost of your flooring - no hidden fees, no unexpected charges.


Choosing EKO FLOORING for your luxury vinyl flooring means opting for a store that not only understands the value of your investment but also respects the trust you place in us to transform your space. Our commitment to quality, service, and value is the cornerstone of every floor we lay down.

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