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SONOMA BEACHSIDE Engineered Hardwood Flooring


Sonoma Beachside: Where Coastal Charm Meets Modern Luxury (Coastal Collection)

Immerse yourself in the serenity of the coast with Sonoma Beachside engineered hardwood flooring, part of the Coastal Collection. This captivating wide-plank flooring, crafted from European Oak, boasts a unique wire-brushed surface that whispers of sun-bleached driftwood and windswept dunes.

Evoking the Tranquility of the Coast

Beachside's Character grade celebrates the natural variations of European Oak, creating a visual tapestry reminiscent of the shoreline. Each plank showcases a unique blend of warm tones and subtle imperfections, adding depth and a touch of rustic charm to your space. The wire-brushed finish further enhances this coastal aesthetic, creating a textured surface that invites you to feel the calming embrace of the seashore.

Engineered for Strength and Sophistication

Sonoma Beachside isn't just about aesthetics; it's meticulously engineered for lasting performance. With a substantial 4mm wear layer, it provides exceptional resistance to everyday wear and tear, ensuring your floor maintains its coastal charm for years to come. The wide 9.5-inch planks and micro-beveled edges create a feeling of spaciousness and contemporary elegance.

Effortless Beauty, Effortless Maintenance

Beachside offers a convenient glue-down installation, making it perfect for DIY enthusiasts or professional flooring contractors alike. The UV matte finish adds a touch of sophistication while safeguarding the floor from everyday wear and tear. Its easy-to-clean surface allows you to spend less time maintaining and more time enjoying the tranquility your new floor evokes.

    Bring the calming beauty of the coast to your home with Sonoma Beachside engineered hardwood flooring. Upgrade your space today!

    • Description

      Species: European Oak

      Collection: Coastal Collection

      Style: Coastal Chic

      Width: 9.5 inches (wide plank)

      Length: Random up to 87 inches (most planks are full length)

      Wear Layer: 4mm (superior durability)

      Thickness: 5/8 inch

      Surface: Wire-Brushed (coastal texture)

      Finish: UV Matte (protective and easy to clean)

      Grade: Character (coastal variations)

      Edges: Micro-beveled (spacious feel)

      Installation: Glue down

      Coverage per Box: 28.42 square feet

      Weight per Box: 53 lbs

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