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Reward Euro Oak Diano: European Oak Where Rustic Meets Sophistication

Reward Euro Oak Diano, a captivating addition to the Terreno collection, takes European Oak flooring to a new level of rustic elegance. These wide-plank (9 ½”) beauties boast a unique personality, perfect for those seeking a distinctive yet sophisticated foundation for their home.

Embrace Rustic Charm with a Modern Twist:

  • European Oak with Character: Experience the enduring beauty of European Oak, accentuated by a rustic grade with prominent knots and graining for a distinctive look.
  • Wire-Brushed Texture: The subtle wire-brushing technique gently highlights the natural wood grain, adding depth and a touch of texture that elevates the rustic charm.
  • Smoked Finish: A captivating smoked treatment infuses the wood with a touch of mystery and warmth, offering a modern twist on the traditional rustic aesthetic.

Luxury Within Reach:

  • Engineered Advantage: Enjoy the exceptional stability and practicality of engineered construction, ideal for busy households and high-traffic areas.
  • Generous Wear Layer: A 4mm thick top layer ensures lasting beauty and a genuine connection to nature.
  • Ultra-Matte Finish: The luxurious smooth texture is enhanced by a UV Urethane finish with aluminum oxide for superior protection and a subtle, ultra-matte sheen.

Beyond the Surface:

Reward Euro Oak Diano boasts a strong and stable Hardwood Plywood backing, ensuring exceptional dimensional stability and peace of mind. This flooring is a wise investment for those seeking a unique and character-filled statement piece for their residential space.

A Story Untold:

Reward Euro Oak Diano transcends the ordinary. Let the natural beauty of European Oak, whispered with smoke and kissed by the wire brush, tell the story of your unique space. This flooring is perfect for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in living rooms, dining areas, or bedrooms that crave a touch of rustic charm with a modern edge.

Invest in a distinctive statement. Choose Reward Euro Oak Diano today.

  • Description

    SPECIES: European Oak

    THICKNESS: 5/8" WIDTH: 9-1/2" LENGTH: 86-5/8"

    TOP LAYER: 4mm

    TEXTURE: Wire Brushed

    TREATMENT: Smoked

    GRADE: Rustic

    BACKING: Hardwood Plywood

    FINISH: UV Urethane finish w/ aluminum oxide

    SHEEN: Ultra-matte

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