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MONARCH PLANK MAPLE Engineered Hardwood Flooring


Monarch Plank Maple Select Hardwood Flooring

This Monarch Plank flooring sample showcases the timeless beauty of natural maple. Crafted from premium select grade maple, these engineered planks offer exceptional durability and resilience, perfect for high-traffic areas of your home. The warm, light color and smooth surface create a bright and airy feel, while the urethane finish provides a layer of protection against everyday wear and tear.

  • Species: Maple
  • Grade: Select
  • Color: Maple Natural
  • Thickness: 5/8"
  • Width: 6"
  • Length: 2' - 8' (random lengths)
  • Finish: Urethane

Monarch Plank's Vinland Collection, from which this sample comes, is known for its wide planks and superior construction. These planks are a great choice for homeowners who want a high-quality, long-lasting floor that will add beauty and value to their home.

  • Description

    Color: Maple Natural

    Species: Maple

    Grade: Select

    Thickness: 5/8"

    Width: 6"

    Length: 2'-8'

    Urethane Finish

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