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MIRAGE HATTIE Engineered White Oak Hardwood Flooring


Mirage Hattie flooring is a beautiful and practical choice for your next flooring project. Crafted from genuine white oak, these engineered planks offer the warmth and character of natural hardwood with the stability of engineered construction. Each box covers 23.8 square feet and contains planks with a random length design and a width of 7 inches. This random length design creates a more organic look compared to flooring with uniform planks.


Mirage Hattie is built for easy installation, giving you the flexibility to choose between nail, glue, or floating installation methods. This makes the flooring a good option for DIY enthusiasts or professional contractors. Despite its substantial weight of 37 pounds per box, Mirage Hattie's engineered core makes it lighter than solid hardwood planks, contributing to a simpler installation process.

  • Description

    Product: Engineered White Oak Flooring

    Collection: Muse Collection

    Species: White Oak

    Width: 7"

    Lengths: Random (enhances natural look and reduces waste)

    Coverage per Box: 23.8 sq. ft.

    Weight per Box: 37.00 lbs

    Installation: Nail/Glue/Float

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