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Introduce tranquility and contemporary style with Coswick Titanium Buff hardwood flooring. This exquisite collection reflects the latest trends, offering a calming palette of:

  • Flowing aqua-colors: Soft blends and slightly toned-down wood textures add a touch of serenity.
  • Natural colors: Clear oak and ash patterns create a grounding, earthy feel.

Unite Your Space:

Titanium Buff's delicate beauty fosters harmony in your interior design. It seamlessly unifies all elements, allowing your chosen accents to truly shine.

Protective and Easy to Maintain:

  • Silk matte finish: Accentuates the natural wood texture with a smooth, silky feel. This finish provides excellent wear and dirt protection while being effortless to maintain and renew.
  • 3-layer construction: Engineered for exceptional stability, this innovative build retains its properties across a wider range of humidity levels.

Available in two connection styles:

  • Tongue and Groove (T&G)
  • CosLoc 5G
  • Description

    Construction: 3-layer

    Profile: Tongue and Groove

    Species: White Oak

    Finish: Silk Matte

    Dimensions: 3/4" x 5" x 2-7'

    Grade: Select and Better

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