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LUX London Fog: Embrace Misty Elegance with Worry-Free SPC Vinyl Flooring (Easy DIY)

Unveil a space of understated sophistication with LUX London Fog SPC vinyl flooring. Featuring a captivating matte EIR finish with a hint of smoky nuance, this innovative flooring option captures the essence of a timeless London fog, offering exceptional performance for a luxurious and worry-free living experience.

Subtle Sophistication, Unmatched Performance:

  • Wide Plank Design (9" x 60") Create a sense of spaciousness and evoke a sense of refined elegance with the expansive planks of LUX London Fog. These wide planks add a touch of sophistication and enhance the feeling of openness in any room.
  • Matte EIR Finish with Diamond Dust: Experience the beauty of natural wood with a touch of modern mystique. The matte finish with subtle EIR (Embossed in Register) texture meticulously replicates natural wood grain patterns, veiled in a smoky nuance reminiscent of a London fog. The addition of Diamond Dust adds a hint of understated sparkle, elevating the overall look without overwhelming the subtle tones.

Engineered for Lasting Beauty and Peace of Mind:

  • Rigid Core SPC Construction: The innovative SPC core ensures exceptional dimensional stability, minimizing concerns about gapping or cupping. Plus, it's 100% waterproof, making LUX London Fog ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and laundry rooms.
  • Diamond Dust Durability: The unique Diamond Dust infused wear layer offers enhanced scratch and stain resistance, making LUX London Fog perfect for high-traffic areas.

Effortless Elegance Made Easy:

  • Easy DIY Installation: The user-friendly click-lock system allows for a fast and hassle-free installation process, even for DIY enthusiasts.
  • Pre-Attached Pad: The attached pad not only enhances comfort underfoot but also provides additional sound dampening and reduces installation time.
  • Low-Maintenance Beauty: The ultra-durable diamond dust finish makes cleaning a breeze. LUX London Fog is perfect for busy households.

LUX London Fog is ideal for:

  • Creating a Sophisticated Retreat: The wide planks, smoky matte EIR finish with diamond dust, and captivating textures bring a touch of understated elegance to any space.
  • High-Traffic Areas: The durable construction, waterproof core, and diamond dust wear layer ensure this flooring can withstand the demands of busy households with pets and children.
  • Quick and Easy DIY Projects: The user-friendly click system and pre-attached pad make it a great choice for those looking for a hassle-free installation experience.

Transform your space with the sophisticated charm, exceptional performance, and ease of LUX London Fog SPC vinyl flooring. Contact us today to discover how this innovative flooring option can elevate your home environment!

  • Description

    Length: 1540mm (60")

    Width: 230mm (9")

    Wear Layer: 22 mil/Diamond Dust

    Thickness: 8mm (Pad Attached)

    Box Size: 19.06 SQFT/BOX

    Finish: Matte EIR

    Construction: Rigid Core SPC

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